Saturday, August 1, 2020

I Bid Farewell To My Creative Schlump


Back in May, Lisa gathered 6 large rocks for me to paint so we could use them to decorate our front and side lawns. At the time, I was enthusiastic about this project. I thoroughly washed the rocks. I painted the front of each rock with a gorgeous shade of ivory. Then, they sat in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop. Untouched. 

At the time, things were difficult because of COVID-19. Lisa is an essential employee. Because of that, I remained quarantined. We kept our errands limited to grocery shopping and Walgreens for prescriptions and other odds and ends. 

Our plans for us to make beautiful birdhouses, garden signs, and beyond came to a halt. 

In addition, earlier in the year, my goal to start making dolls as I had done over 20 years ago, came to a halt too. That was because Lisa and I decided to buy a house. We found the perfect house for us and our family on January 12th. We made an offer that morning. The sellers accepted. A few days later, I started packing. 

Long story short, I sort of fell into a creative schlump. It was on and off. 

In April, we made birdhouses and a squirrel picnic table out of shelves that we ripped down in our bedroom. 

The following month, I made a large dog bed for our kids using 4 chair cushions that Lisa bought and forgot to return. 

They were too small for our chairs.

After those bursts of creative energy, I fell short.

I wanted to make dolls and birdhouses and garden signs and beyond to sell, but supplies were limited. Lisa almost ran out of wood to build things. I was almost out of supplies to paint and detail. 

I kept busy with other Work at Home Dog Mom stuff.

Sure, I had lots of supplies in the workshop, but...

That's when my creative schlump hit the hardest. 

I had people emailing and messaging me left and right asking if we were going to making this or that or inquiring about custom signs and other pieces. 

That didn't help. 

Last night while eating dinner, I told Lisa how I was feeling. She knew something was up because I wasn't spending much time in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop. 

We had a lengthy conversation. She understood where I was coming from because she was just as frustrated with not having supplies in her woodshop. 

At one point during the conversation, Lisa said, "How about we focus on making things for our home. We've already discussed the things we want to make. Supplies are available. Let's just do it. Let's make things for us over the Summer."


I was completely on board. 

The Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop came back to life. 

I finished the decorative rocks and they're beautiful. 

When Lisa is on a staycation during the week of her birthday, we're going to build an entertainment center and get started on the decorative outdoor dragonflies

I have a few more projects that I want to get done for our home. 

Lisa wants to build a few additional items for our home as well. 

We are taking it week by week. 

We're not sure what's going to happen during the Fall season surrounding the entire COVID-19 pandemic. 

No one is certain.

What we are certain of is that we'll continue to gather materials and utilize resources when we can and we will make the best of it. 

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