Monday, October 2, 2023

Your Brain Becomes An Instant Mathematician.


Less than a week ago, we had to make one of the worst decisions. To lay our sweet Coco to rest. That call was made on Tuesday. We had made the decision over the weekend prior. Coco made his journey over the Rainbow Bridge. That day happened on Saturday. I can't even begin to explain how difficult the past week has been. 


If you know. 

You know

Once you make that call, it is finalized. 

It is going to happen. 

Your brain becomes an instant mathematician. 

It calculates everything. 

How many hours are left? 

How many nights do you get to get to snuggle your sweet baby? 

How many of their favorite meals do you get to make and give to them?

How many of their favorite snacks do you get to feed them?

It's like you can hear the clock ticking in your brain. 


It is loud. 



And then...

When you have less than 24 hours?

It sucks so fucking bad.




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