Sunday, April 26, 2020

I Crocheted Over 80 Face Mask Bands. No Charge. Time Well Spent.

A week ago, the state of Connecticut made face masks/face coverings mandatory. In short, if you're out in public or your place of employment and social distancing is not an option, you need to wear a face mask/face covering. This new mandate flooded my social media streams. This weekend, I crocheted over 80 face mask bands in 3 different sizes. Small. Medium. Large. For Lisa to bring into work and provide the employees with "elastic behind the ear" relief.

I really wanted to make DIY face masks, but unfortunately, I do not have the elastic cord needed to make them.

I made what I could make with what I had.

No charge.

I would have made more, but I ran out of buttons.

A couple of people said they had buttons that they would donate.

Once I get those, I'll make more face mask bands.

Time. Well. Spent. 

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