Thursday, July 30, 2020

They Are Beautiful And Majestic, But They Are Also Dangerous


The house that we bought in February has 2 backyards. One small. One large. Both are fenced in. Separated by a gate. Shortly before moving in, Lisa and I both decided that the big backyard was off limits to our kids. We had our reasons. 

The area we live in has quite a few hawks and bald eagles. Lisa and I love to see them flying to and forth from their destinations. As of yet, we haven't seen the bald eagles perch. However, the hawks do. A lot. 

The hawks love to perch on the tree that is on the other side of the fence in our big backyard. They're majestic and graceful and absolutely beautiful. 


They're experts at hiding amid the foliated trees. 

They're hunters. 

Our kids are snack-sized for these hawks and eagles.

Lisa and I have witnessed hawks swooping down into our big backyard to grab dinner or an afternoon snack. 

We have both heard horror stories from pet parents who have witnessed a hawk trying to swoop and steal their furkid. 

Mind you, none of our kids are ever outside without one of us. 


Our big backyard is too big for our kids to run loose even with supervision. If a hawk swooped down out of nowhere, Lisa or I would not have time to save them.

Our small backyard is small enough that we would be able to do something.


When our kids are running around and doing their business in the small backyard, we follow them around. We are right there. 

Extremely aware of our surroundings. 

Since living here, we have witnessed how quickly a hawk can fly down and grab something.

It's fascinating and scary all at the same time. 

As Dog Moms, it's our job to protect our kids. 

And, we do.

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