Sunday, July 19, 2020

We Got Excited Over 3 Broken Ceiling Fans

We struck gold today and it was quite the surprise. Ceiling fans that don't work. We couldn't be more excited. And, you're probably wondering why we're so excited about this, right?

Last week, I posted this photo on my Facebook wall and mentioned that Lisa and I want to make 6 of these. We're going to put 5 of them on the wooden fence in our big back yard and the other on our garage.

The ones we make are going to be fully painted in vibrant colors with folk art designs.

In order to accomplish this, we would need 24 ceiling fan blades and 6 table legs. I was fully prepared for this project to take a long time because not a lot of people have unwanted ceiling fans that they're going to dispose of.

People tend to sell ceiling fans at yard sales and online marketplaces. Although the prices vary, we're not looking for anything fancy or pricey.

We would prefer free.

As in, "Hey, are you going to throw that in the trash? Would you mind if we took it off your hands?"

I wasn't too worried about the table legs. We have 4 from a very old table that we'll never use. If needed, Lisa could make the other 2 in her Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Woodshop.

But, if you have 2 table legs hanging around, we'd be happy to take them. 

As of this morning, we had no ceiling fan blades. I was thinking this project was going to be more difficult than I thought.


Last night we got a call from one of our old neighbor friends. He had an old ceiling fan that we could have. Lisa made arrangements to pick it up earlier today.

I made sure to send Lisa off with homemade baked goods and pizza.


During the afternoon, I got a message from a sweet lady we know who we haven't heard from in a while. She wanted to let me know that she dropped off a ceiling fan on our side steps.

Lisa and I were both a little speechless.

An hour later, she dropped off another one.

I had baked homemade zucchini bread earlier in the day. I grabbed a loaf, handed it off to Lisa, and she delivered it to our friend.

Who happens to live less than a mile down the road.

Before Lisa arrived home, I heard from another lady we know who had a ceiling fan that she wanted to donate to our project.

When we sat down to eat dinner, Lisa and I were bursting at the seams. In less than 24 hours, we went from having very few supplies to complete our project to having almost enough to complete all 6 of our giant dragonflies.

Now, we just need to get primer and paint...

Then, it's on!

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