Monday, May 4, 2020

Our Kids Have A New Dog Bed Compliments Of Four New Seat Cushions We Kind Of Forgot About

A couple of weeks after we bought our new house in February, Lisa bought 4 chair pads for our dining room table. Burgundy. Very well cushioned. Unfortunately, our dining room chairs are large. The cushions were too small. Lisa put them in a large tote bag. In our entryway closet. To be returned.

Right around this time, the whole COVID-19 pandemic exploded. They sat in the closet. For weeks. We sort of forgotten about them. The receipt had long been thrown away.

Over the weekend, Lisa went to Lowe's go grab some home project necessities. She arrived home with lots of extras including flowers, seeds, and...chair pads that fit our dining room chairs.

When she surprised me with the dining room table chair pads, I was excited. They're a perfect size.

But, at the same time...

I thought about the wonderful chair pads Lisa bought almost 2 months ago.

Sitting in our entryway closet.

It was much too late to return them, especially with a receipt that we had thrown away a long time ago.


I gathered the 4 small cushions.

I grabbed my extra-large needle and heavy-duty thread.

Sewed all 3 cushions together to make a doggy bed.

Covered it with a blanket.

Coco and Sophie examined it first.

Lobo and Willa took their turn to examine it.

They all approved.

We're happy Dog Moms.

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