Saturday, September 30, 2023

Our Hearts Are Shattered


Today was heartbreaking. Beyond heartbreaking. I am writing this through tears. My eyes are sore. Our hearts are shattered. 

I posted this photo on my personal Facebook wall accompanied by a tribute to our baby boy, Coco...

"Our sweet boy, Coco, made his journey over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. We adopted him over 11 years ago. Our hearts are heavy and broken. However. It was time. He was an old man. He was struggling. His quality of life was deteriorating. 

In his own way, he let us know that it was time. He was ready. Lisa took a couple of days off. We made the most out of the time we had left with him. We love and miss him so much. Life won't be the same. But. We know that his sister Sophie was waiting for him. Ready to play their favorite pounce game and gobble up snacks."

It seemed like a short tribute, as with Sophie back in February, but it's all I muster up through the tears and snot and tissues and continuous sobbing. 

I will elaborate more on everything. 



For now. 

I need to be away from my desk. 

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