Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sophie Has Already Requested Her 4 Year Gotcha Day Gift

To date, we have quite a few doggy beds available for our kids in addition to any furniture they can jump on like our bed, kitchen chairs, sofa, decorative chair, etc. We have a jumbo doggy bed in the kitchen. A DIY doggy bed in the bedroom. The DIY nappy nook and doggy platform bed in the living room. And, the DIY indoor dog house in the home office.

Now that I have my DIY Dog Mom Project Room, I've run into a bit of a challenge. When I'm in the DIY Dog Mom Project Room, all of our kids like to be in there too.

Which, I love. 

But, as of now, I've been transporting the huge kitchen doggy bed into the DIY Dog Mom Project Room when I'm in there.

Usually, Coco, Lobo, and Willa will curl up on the kitchen doggy bed. I folded up a couple of doggy throw blankets to put on the floor beside of my feet for Sophie.

It's obvious we need to create a solution.

Sophie agrees.

Sophie's 4 Year Gotcha Day is June 24th.

To celebrate each of our kid's Gotcha Days, they get to request a gift and a special dinner and dessert.

This year, Sophie requested a large DIY Doggy Bed for my new DIY Dog Mom Project Room.

That's not all.

She also wants an additional DIY Doggy Bed for that room so she can have one all to herself.

As of today, we have 18 days to create both.

This coming weekend, Lisa is putting the final touches on the kitchen.

I have 5 custom orders that I want to get done.

Next weekend, we're hosting a small cookout with some of our dear friends.

There isn't much time, but we're determined. The new DIY Dog Mom Project Room is in dire need of a couple of DIY Doggy Beds.

Inhale slowly.

Exhale slowly.

We. Can. Do. This.

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