Sunday, January 22, 2017

Project Gotcha Day Is Done And We're Lovin' The Finished Product

Project Gotcha Day is done! We made the last minute decision to let the paint dry on the overnight. We put everything together this morning. This is our biggest DIY Dog Mom Project so far. We are super proud. It came out awesome. The shade of green paint we chose looks incredible. It fits with our color theme and, because we went with a shade lighter than our original choice, it brightens up the room a bit. After Lisa put the living room back together and vacuumed, we sat on the sofa and admired the finished product.

It was quite the project, but we worked together and got it done...

Our entertainment center is old. It definitely needed to be primed really well before applying the paint. Lisa used Kilz 2 Latex for that. I never thought in a million years that we would have a day in January warm enough to paint outside, but Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us. The sun broke away the cloud cover and the temps reached into the low 50's.

Perfect timing because I hate the smell of Kilz.

While Lisa was outdoors painting, I was at the kitchen table measuring and cutting fabric. I made a couple of squared templates for patchwork doggy blankets. I finally took the new sewing machine out of the box, threaded some bobbins, and got into my sewing groove.

In addition to the doggy bed I made to fit inside of the repurposed entertainment center, and the curtains, I sewed up a patchwork doggy blanket and matching pillows. I got a little creative and appliqued fabric hearts onto the pillows.

To cover 2 out of the 3 pre-cut cord holes in the back of the entertainment center, Lisa cut a 7 inch piece of pallet wood for me to make a sign. We chose light brown for the sign and barn red for the lettering.

The doggy bed covered the bottom cord hole. This decorative sign covered the other 2. 

Once everything was put together, and our living room was situated and vacuumed, I snapped the "after" photo. The photo doesn't do the finished product justice. Because of the curtains, it's hard to see the 2 patchwork pillows and decorative sign.

We are beyond excited about the finished product. The total cost for everything purchased to make it happen was about $35. Some of the supplies we had on hand already so that kept the cost down. And, because of the shortage of floor space, we utilized something we already had instead of building something separate.

What I most admire about the finished product is that it started with a vision in my head. I discussed it with Lisa. She brought a lot of great ideas to the table. We sat at the kitchen table and looked over the few dozen paint swatches. We chose a color. Lisa purchased cool fabric. She painted. I sewed. We both put it together.

Total. Joint. Effort. 

And, Lobo absolutely loves his Gotcha Day Gift that he'll be sharing with Coco and Sophie. All of the DIY Dog Mom Projects created are made to accommodate Coco, Sophie, and Lobo.

High. Five.

I'm one very proud Dog Mom.

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