Monday, September 4, 2017

Here's What We Made With 2 Pieces Of Old Barn Wood

A neighbor friend of ours gave us 2 big pieces of old barn wood. Originally, I was going to use it for a custom order. However, after examining the wood, we decided it wasn't a good fit for the custom piece. We ended up buying the wood for that project. The 2 pieces of old barn wood sat in the hallway for almost 2 weeks. I knew I could make something out of the gorgeous aged wood. I was waiting for that proverbial light bulb to go off.

It finally did.

Our kids need a couple more sturdy, DIY Doggy Beds. There was enough wood to make a crate style, DIY Doggy Bed. My brain spun like a hamster wheel.

I sketched out a design. Lisa and I figured out the measurements. She grabbed her power tools. Measured. Cut. Blasted the pieces of wood with her sander. Put everything together. Then, handed it over to me so I could work my magic.

I gave the crate style DIY Doggy Bed a generous coat of primer. When that dried, I gave it 2 good coats of Glidden paint. We went with a light shade of vanilla.

For a decorative touch, I made a handcrafted plaque to put on the front of the bed for a pop of color and to add a touch of uniqueness.

After the doggy bed was primed and painted and the decorative plaque was finished, including a coat of protective glaze, I glued the plaque on. While I waited for everything to dry, I grabbed some fabric and made a mattress and matching blanket with bone shaped appliques.

This is the finished product. I'm seriously in love with this DIY Doggy Bed. It has inspired me to make another one in the weeks ahead. We'll have to buy the wood for the other one, but that's okay.

All of our kids love the bed. They've all had a chance to test it out. Lobo has spent the most time on the bed. He occasionally allows his siblings to enjoy it as well.

This bed was a lot of fun to make.

We're looking forward to making the second one...and possibly a third. Each bed will be a different color and will have a unique plaque on the front.

Before that happens, we need to get Lisa's wood shop set up in the basement. The Winter weather is almost here and using the power tools outside won't be an option.

This year, it's going to happen. Wood. Shop. Yes.

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