Thursday, June 7, 2018

Our Big Bodacious Dry Erase Bulletin Board

I have vivid memories, as a kid and teen, of our kitchen counters decorated with notes. It was always the counter on the left side of the sink. By the giant microwave. My mother was famous for scribbling reminders and such on PostIt Notes and other scraps of paper. At the end of the day, she'd rewrite and reorganize the notes. In 2011, when I resided with her temporarily to assist her, nothing had changed.

I have no shame in admitting, I have the same habit. For different reasons, but still. My desk is covered in colorful PostIt Notes. I have small pads of paper on the kitchen table, counter, and my new work table in the DIY Dog Mom Project Room. Notes. Reminders. To-Do lists. I rewrite them every morning before Lisa gets up for work.

For me, it works. Although I utilize digital reminders on occasion, I'm "old-school." I do much better with handwritten reminders and notes.

In 2013, when we launched Bodacious Biscuit Love, we purchased a large dry erase board/bulletin board combination. We hung it on the kitchen wall by the back door. This was the go-to spot to update deliveries, shipping, and pickups.

We never missed a delivery, shipment, or pickup.

Last month, when we embarked on Our Big Bodacious Painting Project, we took everything off the walls in every single room. Of course, that included the dry erase board/bulletin board combination.

When the kitchen was finally painted and it was time to hang the wall decor back up, Lisa asked if I wanted the dry erase board hung back up.

Yes. I did. 

For well over a year, we've been using it as a household/family reminder board. We keep track of when the kids get their nails trimmed, house/pet sitting scheduling dates, weekly reminders, the famous Honey-Do List (standing joke), and other miscellaneous stuff that's coming up.

We both use it. Often.

When it came time to hang all the wall decor back up in the kitchen, we decided to put the dry erase board back in its original spot, but a few inches higher.

We needed to make room for 3 DIY Dog Mom Project wooden bone shaped leash/apparel/key holders.

Bodacious Biscuit Love came to an end last year, but we still use the large dry erase board/bulletin board every single day.

It's in the perfect spot. The reminders and notes are right there. The dry erase markers are only a few feet away along with the paper towels to erase the notes.

Although the dry erase board doesn't completely eliminate the colorful PostIt Notes that decorate my desk and the pads of paper on the kitchen table and my work table, it does keep our kitchen counters free of notes.

I'm happy with that.

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