Sunday, June 3, 2018

I Officially Have A DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop

Aside from our home office getting a total transformation during Our Big Bodacious Painting Project, the other room to get a massive makeover was our old bedroom. It's no longer a bedroom. It's now my DIY Dog Mom Project Room and I am loving it!

We moved our bedroom to the middle room. 

The middle room used to be our Bodacious Biscuit Love room. The table you see in the photo was once covered in aluminum trays. When we baked biscuits, they'd have to sit on trays for 36-48 hours to harden up.

The Bodacious Biscuit Love room also had 2 bookshelves where we kept shipping supplies, baskets, bodacious raffle basket stuff, etc. The Bodacious Biscuit Love bin was filled with items that we used to include in our bodacious care packages. We usually had additional boxes of toys, leashes, and other pet supplies that we kept on top of the bin.

Over the years, the Bodacious Biscuit Love room served a purpose and having that extra space was beyond helpful. When we started making DIY Dog Mom Projects, we utilized one of the bookshelves for paint, fabric, paintbrushes and other supplies.

For almost 2 years, I've been using the kitchen table to work on DIY Dog Mom Projects whether it was painting and detailing or sewing Bodacious Patchwork Doggy Quilts. Most of the time, our kitchen table would be covered with painted pieces, stacks of fabric, my sewing machine, etc.

It was extremely inconvenient, but it was the only workspace that I had. 

During this time, we got into the horrible habit of eating dinner on the sofa while watching one of our favorite shows on Netflix. I hate eating in the living room. Lisa does too. But, it was a lot easier to gravitate towards the living room instead of moving all of the DIY Dog Mom Projects to the biscuit/project room before dinner.

The only time we ever cleared the table was when we had company over for dinner or appetizers and drinks. Then, after our company left or the next morning, we'd move the DIY Dog Mom Project stuff back to the kitchen table.

In the process of planning out each room for Our Big Bodacious Painting Project, we talked about switching rooms. This was something we needed to etch in granite before our painting project started because it greatly determined what color we'd be painting each room.

One evening over dinner, we talked in depth about it. We each brought up some valid points that favored going in the direction of switching rooms and creating a DIY Dog Mom Project workshop for me...

1. Our bedroom (at the time) has 2 windows.

2. The biscuit/project room (at the time) was serving a purpose, but it wasn't functional. I didn't need an entire room to store paint, fabric and other supplies.

3. We wanted to start eating meals at the kitchen table again.

4. Lisa wanted me to have the flexibility of working on multiple projects at a time whether it was painting, fabric, creating new, homemade dog treats, etc.

5. Lisa knows how awesome it is to have a workshop. Last year, we worked diligently on getting her woodshop all set up. She loves it. Lisa wanted me to have the same.

By the time we were done eating, it was decided. We were going to switch rooms and transform our old bedroom into a DIY Dog Mom Project Room.

I. Am. Loving. It. 

Since Our Big Bodacious Painting Project, I've used the workshop almost every day. It's incredible. I love having a space to create gorgeous projects and custom orders.

And, we're both enjoying eating meals at the kitchen table again.

Switching rooms and creating the DIY Dog Mom Project Room involved more time and effort, but it was worth it.

I'm a very happy Work at Home Dog Mom.

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