Thursday, January 25, 2018

Project DIY Indoor Dog House Is DONE!

Before Lisa left for work this morning, she put the DIY Indoor Dog House on the table in the biscuit/craft room. It was completely painted and the 4 DIY Dog Mom Project wooden pieces that I made were attached. The only thing left to do was make the dog bed, patchwork quilt, and pillows. I needed the entire kitchen table to make these items. The dog house staying on the table during that process was not an option.

Lisa gave explicit instructions after moving the dog house from the kitchen table to the biscuit/craft room.

"Do not move this. It's too heavy. Wait until I get home so I can do it for you."

The only thing my stubborn Work at Home Dog Mom Life ears heard was, "It's heavy."

It took a few hours to sew the bed, patchwork quilt, and pillows. When finished, I put all the sewing stuff away. I was excited. Our DIY Indoor Dog House was officially done!

At this point, I should have just walked away. Waited for Lisa to get home. However, my excitement was bubbling over. I wanted to get photos and put the DIY Indoor Dog House in the home office.

I lifted and carried the dog house to the kitchen table to snap a few photos.

Lisa was right. It was heavy. Very. Very. Heavy.

I grabbed my camera and took a few photos. That should have been it. I had a lengthy list of stuff to do that didn't involve lifting the DIY Indoor Dog House again. But, I had to choose the one thing on my list that required the use of the entire kitchen table.

The gigantic kitchen dog bed needed to be repaired.

I paced several rooms while contemplating if I should actually attempt carrying the dog house from the kitchen to the home office. I stretched. Puffed out my chest.

And, I did it.

Midway through, I knew it was a bad decision, but I couldn't back down at that point. I also knew that Lisa would be calling soon during her lunch break. She'd inquire about the progress. I'd have to tell her everything was done. And then, the big question would surface.

And, it did.

"How's the dog bed, blanket, and pillows coming out?"

"I got everything done. It looks spectacular. I took photos. This is one of our best DIY Dog Mom Projects yet..."

A moment of silence followed by Lisa gently exhaling through her teeth.

"Where did you take the photos?"


"In the kitchen."

This time, Lisa's exhale was loud.

"How could you possibly take photos in the kitchen if the dog house was in the biscuit/craft room?"


I could hear her crunching loudly on the Bosc pear I packed in her lunch.

I knew it was coming...

"What's on your agenda now?"

I told her that I'd be repairing the kitchen dog bed.

Another bout of silence.

"How can you repair the kitchen dog bed if the DIY Indoor Dog House is on the kitchen table?"

I'll never understand why Lisa asks me questions she knows the answer to.

"I told you not to move the dog house until I got home. It's too heavy."

More silence.

I attempted to redirect the conversation.

"Did you know that because of global warming, all the ice in the coldest parts of the world is melting and dormant viruses from thousands and thousands of years ago are surfacing again?"

I could tell she was still eating her Bosc pear.

"So, how is your day going? What time do you think you'll be home today?"

"Early enough to give you a little lecture about lifting things that are too heavy for you."

This is how we roll.

I got the lecture.

And, my body is telling me that I'm going to feel the strain of moving the DIY Indoor Dog House tomorrow.

I also know that at some point tomorrow morning, after we get up and before I've taken a couple of Ibuprofen, Lisa will ask, "So, how ya feeling today?"

Lisa took a vacation day tomorrow so I won't be able to mask the pain.

I'll just look at her, with my best stubborn poker face, and reply, "Fine. Shit got done, didn't it?"

The DIY Indoor Dog House is DONE!

It's in the home office.

It looks incredible.

And the kitchen doggy bed is all repaired.

At the end of the day, that's what matters.

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