Tuesday, April 24, 2018

These 7 Things Are The Inspiration Behind Our DIY Dog Mom Projects

I was chatting with a friend the other day and he asked where did the inspiration behind all of the DIY Dog Mom Projects we've been making for a couple of years now stem from. My reply was simple. We enjoy creating cool dog themed projects for our home and to offer for sale. Now that Lisa has her woodshop in the basement, we're able to create and repurpose more stuff. It's something we just do.

After our chat, and in the days to follow as I worked on custom orders and some new DIY Dog Mom Projects, I gave a great deal of thought to his question.

What's the inspiration behind our DIY Dog Mom Projects...?

1. Handcrafted is better than storebought. Lisa and I both prefer handcrafted items instead of storebought. A lot of other people do too. The stuff in stores is mass produced. Handcrafted is original and no 2 pieces are ever the same.

2. DIY Dog Mom Projects can be customized and personalized. In the past couple of years, we've had a lot of people reach out for custom pieces. They'll see a piece we made and maybe want a different color or size. We've also had people request items that are not dog-themed. One of my favorite projects was a custom sign for a wedding. We're currently working on another sign for a special anniversary celebration.

3. Pride. There's a sense of pride when someone compliments the DIY Dog Mom Projects that we've made for our home. We get a lot of comments on the DIY Dog Beds we've made. The look on people's faces when we say, "We made that" is priceless.

4. It provides funds so we can continue to help our local animal shelters, pet parents in need, and make our Bodacious Care Packages. Over the winter, we donated a few boxes and bags filled with goodies to a local animal shelter. We also donated apparel and toys to a couple of humans who rescue animals. And, just recently, we made a couple of Bodacious Care Packages. One was for a pup who's having health issues. Another was given to welcome an adopted pup to the family.

5. It's cheaper than storebought. We utilize a lot of what we already have from fabric to wood pieces. In January of 2017, we repurposed our old entertainment center into a Nappy Nook for the kids. Last Fall, we made a cool DIY Dog Bed out of 2 pieces of old barn wood. A few months ago, we made a DIY Indoor Dog House. Most of the wood used had been given to us. You can view the details of that project here and here. We're also able to keep the price on the lower end for items we offer for sale because of this.

6. Creating DIY Dog Mom Projects is a hobby we both enjoy. I'm a Work at Home Dog Mom. Lisa works outside of the home. Our daily life is crazy busy. When we work on DIY Dog Mom Projects, it's something we do together. Lisa cuts and sands the wood in her woodshop and builds stuff. I work my magic with paint at the kitchen table. We discuss designs, pick out colors, and brainstorm. During the warm weather months, we frequent yard sales for stuff to repurpose. It's something fun we do mostly together.

 7. I'm an artist and a writer. I can't go more than a couple of days without doing either or both. I'm totally in my element when I can play with paint, work my magic, and create beautiful pieces for our home and to offer for sale.

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