Thursday, July 26, 2018

Yes, Our Kids Are Allowed On The Furniture And Kitchen Chairs And Table

Not too long ago, we had company over. They haven't visited us in a long time. Lisa showed them each of our newly painted rooms from Our Big Bodacious Painting Project back in May. Our home looks fresh and new. In addition, we moved the bedroom to the middle room and added a DIY Dog Mom Project workshop. They were impressed. At the end of the short tour, one of our guests said, "There is no doubt that you both are Dog Moms because there is an abundance of dog beds, doggy toy boxes, throw blankets, and chew toys in every room."

Yep. There is. We take a great deal of pride in that.

Not too long after, our guest, who absolutely adored our decorative vintage chair and loved the new sofa we purchased 2 years ago, made another comment.

"If I had dogs, they would not be allowed on that gorgeous vintage chair or the new sofa."

I got a bit tongue-tied. I teetered on that fine line. Saying something that probably would have sent our guests running to their vehicle and peeling out of the driveway. Or, taking a few seconds to mentally and emotionally compose myself long enough to retort respectfully.

"In our home, the furry kids are allowed on every bit of furniture because they're family. Our kids. And, we always make sure they have additional comfy spots like DIY dog beds and the DIY indoor dog house."

The topic of discussion was immediately diverted to something else. And, quite possibly, I drank an extra glass or 2 of wine to tolerate the remainder of the visit.

Here's the deal...

I have 3 different rooms that I do work in. The first is the home office. That's where our desks are. Laptops. The DIY Dog House we made earlier this year. The decorative vintage chair we bought for the kids last year. And, lots of other decor and such. The second is my new DIY Dog Mom Project workshop that we set up in May. There is a DIY Dog Bed in there for the kids to lay on. The last is our kitchen table. That's where I create fabric DIY Dog Mom Projects. We have a huge dog bed in the kitchen.

I get up at 3:30 in the morning. I make Lisa's breakfast, pack her lunch, and make our coffee. Lisa gets up at 4. By 5:30, she leaves for work.

During those early morning hours, I'm in our home office working on blog columns, my books, and social media. The kids find their comfortable spots and take their morning naps.

By 9, I'm either in the kitchen or the DIY Dog Mom Project workshop. The kids follow me. Once again, they find their comfortable spot and hunker down to chew on their favorite bone or nap.

For the remainder of the day, until Lisa gets home from work, they follow me from room to room to room.

Of course, if they hear surrounding noises like other pups barking or a squirrel farting or leaf falling, they'll run around and bark. 

When Lisa arrives home from work, they follow her around. When we eat dinner at the kitchen table, the kids are at our feet.

Sometimes, they perch themselves on the table for a nibble. Friends who have become family, and who are also Dog Parents, never flinch when this happens.

This is our home. That includes our kids too.

End. Of. Story.

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