Thursday, October 17, 2019

We Survived Mother Nature's Fury

We made it through the worst of the storm. The wind died down around 3 a.m. I dozed off for an hour or so. After Lisa left for work, I napped with the kids for a couple of hours before the back end of the storm hit us. The wind was brutal. Our lights flickered a few times, but thankfully we did not lose power.

We were lucky.

I saw dozens and dozens of photos on my social media streams posted by people who were not so lucky. Trees fell onto houses and cars and powerlines. A lot of Connecticut is without power including some in our town. A few towns only 30 minutes south of us are flooded.

Areas north of us got hit worse than we did.

It was a nasty storm.

We are okay.

We are sending lots of light and love to those who are not.

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