Friday, March 25, 2016

Our New Sofa Is Human And Kid Approved

Today was the day. Late morning, the "white glove" delivery men from Raymour & Flanigan arrived and delivered our new reclining sofa. It was love at first sit. I knew our old sofa was uncomfortable and the armrests had no cushion left, but I didn't realize just how bad it was until I spent 5 minutes on our new sofa. It was like night and day. I melted.

Shortly after the delivery men left, Lisa and I sat on our new sofa. The kids were in the bedroom. We exhaled. Gave each other a high-five. After weeks of searching and deliberating, it was done and over with.

We put our sofa cover on, loaded it with all 236 throw blankets and Lisa made her way to the bedroom.



She opened the door. All 3 kids rushed into the living room and sniffed. Coco and Sophie jumped up. I lifted Lobo.

A half hour later, this was the scene. The new sofa human and kid approved.

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