Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chicken Soup For The Pup And Human Soul

After another bout of record breaking mild temperatures for this time of year, a cold front moved on in. During the winter months, when Mother Nature isn't doling out temperatures warm enough to warrant opening the windows and wearing summer clothes, I make soup. Lots of it. Total. Winter. Comfort. Food.
Today was the day.

After glancing at the weather predictions for the next few days, I grabbed soup-making-season by the balls and went with it. 

Like with most things I whip up in the kitchen, whether it be meals or baked goods, the majority is pup friendly. Including soup. Chicken soup. 

Their favorite.

Tonight we all enjoyed homemade chicken soup. To make it pup friendly, I left out the onions and other not-so-pup-friendly spices. Plain Jane. 

I also made homemade bread.

Another one of their favorites.

They ate their dinner with gusto. Licked their bowls clean. And then went back to lick their bowls again just in case they missed a morsel of chicken or carrot.

Total. Dog. Mom. Pride.

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