Tuesday, March 21, 2023

I Needed These Mugs Today


Lisa knows that I have been struggling lately in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop. It's the battle of emotions. On one side, I am excited about our Bodacious Birdhouses coming to life. On the other side, working on the pieces for our Rainbow Bridge Memorial Garden has been quite emotional. 

Yesterday, Lisa ran a couple of errands. I stayed home to get some desk work done and prep meals and snacks for the upcoming week. 

I was at my desk when she returned home.

When Lisa walked into our home office, she had her hands behind her back.

"Close your eyes..."

I did.

Lisa put these 2 mugs on my desk.

I absolutely adore them. 

She found them on a whim. 




A lil' shimmy shake from the Universe. 

And, much needed.

We miss our sweet Sophie girl so much.

We miss our sweet furry kids who have made that journey over the Rainbow Bridge at our old home. 

We know that, in time, we'll have to make more pieces as our furry kids make their journey over the Rainbow Bridge.

For now...

This is where we are at.

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