Sunday, March 19, 2023

Creating Our Rainbow Bridge Memorial Garden Has Been Emotionally Hard


Do you know what is really hard? Finishing the pieces for our Rainbow Bridge Memorial Garden. And. Putting the final touches on our Bodacious Birdhouses.

At the same time.

It is like a rollercoaster of emotions. 

It is a constant reminder of what I went through last Christmas while making our 2022 Christmas ornaments for our kids.

I knew this would be Sophie's last Christmas after her diagnosis on my birthday. 


That punched me in the heart each and every time I worked on their ornaments. 

I cried. 

A week before Christmas, I finished their ornaments and hung them on our Christmas tree. 

The ornaments were not my best work. 

For obvious reasons. 

To those critics out there, yeah, it should have been my best work.


It wasn't. 

We knew that we were losing our sweet baby girl.

And, she probably wouldn't make it another year. 

We were right. 


That entire experience motivated us to create pieces and make plans for the Rainbow Bridge Memorial Garden.


We are here.


It doesn't get any easier. 


We know that our efforts in making the Rainbow Bridge Memorial Garden will be great.

Stay tuned...

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