Sunday, June 26, 2022

Support Your Local Farmers And Orchards And Farmer's Markets


Not too long ago, I published a blog column about making your own takeout food. At home. This is something we have been doing for a while now. Because. Well. Takeout food prices have skyrocketed. Not only that, the quality has spiraled downward and the portions have gotten a lot smaller. 

Over the weekend, we were quite busy with yardwork and indoor and outdoor projects. We were both in the mood for a scrumptious large takeout pizza.


As I mentioned on my personal Facebook page accompanying this photo...

"Almost $25 for a takeout vegetarian pizza? Um. No thanks. We made our own. Homemade crust & sauce. A shit-ton of fresh veggies and garlic and herbs. A lot cheaper. Tons better. That. Is. All."

I'm not going to lie. 

We feel bad about our decision to no longer support local takeout. 

Local restaurants are struggling and the cost of food and supplies is not their fault. 


We continue to support our local farmers. Orchards. Farm Stands. Farmer's Markets. Personal friends who gift us fresh eggs and pork.

The list goes on.

You can make a lot of scrumptious eats from all of the above. 

Shimmy away from the store-bought. 

Support your local farmers and beyond. 

Much cheaper than takeout.

And, much better.

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