Monday, June 13, 2022

If You Want Great Takeout Food, Make It Yourself.


A couple of years ago, our state was almost completely shut down because of COVID-19. That included local restaurants. To an extent. Indoor dining wasn't allowed, however, curbside service and takeout were. Some restaurants were fortunate enough to offer make-shift outdoor dining. As time went on, indoor dining slowly reopened, but there were lengthy restrictions. 

During this time, we ordered takeout once a week to support our locally owned restaurants. That was a big deal for us because prior to COVID-19, we very seldom indulged in takeout food. Making homemade meals, snacks, and baked goods became a part of my Work at Home Dog Mom schedule many years prior. 

Last year, when our state reopened little by little, and indoor dining was more of an option, we continued to order takeout once a week. We didn't dine indoors. 

To this date, it's been 2 years and 4 months since we have eaten indoors at a restaurant.


Toward the end of last year and into this year the cost of food and supplies blew through the roof. There was a shortage of workers and deliveries and everything between.

We noticed the hike in takeout food prices. More so, at the same time, we also noticed the decline in quality and portions. 

Last month, on my personal Facebook page, I posted this photo. As with any photo I post on Facebook, there is always a caption. 

"We have been craving wings. So. Do we pay $14.95+ for 10 half wings at a restaurant? OR. Buy 28 fresh half wings for $20. Make a homemade barbeque sauce. Marinate overnight. And grill. It was worth the wait. Team effort. Happy bellies."

The fried shrimp photo...

"Because. We were craving fantastic fried shrimp. Takeout prices are stupid, crazy, ridiculous. So. We made our own. Last night. I got my fry on after my wife cleaned and butterflied 2 pounds of raw jumbo shrimp. More work? Sure. But worlds better? Absolutely. Leftovers? Lots!"

And. Just last night. I posted this photo. We purchased beef short ribs from our favorite local farm-to-table location. Where we purchase all of our meat.

"Farm to Table beef short ribs from our favorite farm. Seared. Slow-cooked for 6 hours in my freshly made black strap molasses barbeque sauce. These beauties topped my homemade roasted garlic herb mashed potatoes. Dinner is served. Worthy of being served on vintage Fiesta plates. And. Better than any restaurant."

I have also been making lots of homemade bread. 

And, more restaurant-style meals. 

More homemade biscuits.

And, more bread.

The list goes on and on and on.

I'm not going to lie. 

The last time we ordered takeout, it was horrible. 

Beyond horrible.

We threw most of it in the trash.

It wasn't just us. 

More and more and more people were complaining on social media.

Shitty food.

Double the price.

Half the portions. 

At this point, I am going to stand my ground. 

We fully sympathize with our local restaurants. 

Trust me. We do. 


Until things greatly improve.

We will not be ordering takeout. 

If we want something special, we will make it here.



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