Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Our Furry Kids Knew That Mama Was In Pain


A while back, Lisa scheduled a long weekend. This weekend. However. A week or so ago, one of her back teeth cracked. It got infected. The side of her face was swollen. People at her work noticed. Eventually, she took an antibiotic for the infection. I made lots of scrumptious soft foods for her to eat. But. She was still in a lot of pain. 

Yesterday, Lisa made an emergency appointment at the dentist. For today. When Lisa returned home, I was adamant. Have a little something to eat. Take your medicine. Change into your comfies. Go rest on the sofa. 

As quoted from my personal Facebook page...

"Our furry kids know that Mama is in pain. Round 1 today. Round 2 tomorrow. Urgent dental extractions. While my wife is resting, I'm whipping up scrumptious homemade mushy foods for the next few days.

I may be pushing the mower this weekend and pulling weeds while my wife rests. But. All is good. I'll be that whacky, funky gal dancin' in the yard to Fleetwood Mac. 

Shakin' my ass. 

Maybe singing out loud or yelling, "Towanda!!!" 


Sipping wine. 

To our sweet neighbors, I apologize in advance."

I honestly do not know what is going to transpire, but Lisa has assured me that it will (more than likely) be identical to what happened in June of 2011. 

She had a cracked tooth. 

It got infected. 

She went to an elder dentist in Norwich. 

I remember her describing how old school his office and equipment were.


He extracted her tooth with ease.

It was worlds more relief than pain. 

When Lisa returned home, she did yard work. 

We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed for that scenario. 


Lisa was right. Worlds more relief than pain. She returned to work the following day. 

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