Sunday, March 14, 2021

I Will See You Next Week!


A couple of days ago marked the 1 year anniversary of our state declaring a pandemic because of COVID-19. Our local news posted an article commemorating that date back in 2020. It has been quite a year for everyone. Including us. For so many reasons. 

What I didn't mention earlier is that Lisa is on staycation this week beginning today.

We have some staycation plans...

To spend lots of time with our kids.

Family time.

Our favorite.

To enjoy our home cooked annual St. Patrick's Day dinner on Wednesday with a dear friend of ours.

Girls Night on Friday.

Lisa will be home for this one so I'm super excited.

Work on our bedroom project.

Plan out a few landscaping projects that we want to get done this Spring.




Enjoy the early Spring weather.

We live in New England so this could possibly be a Fool's Spring, but we're okay with that.

Get some quotes on having the gigantic overgrown cherry tree removed in one of our backyards before it blooms.

Make a list of supplies needed to restore some fantastic pieces for all of our yards.

And, so much more.

I'll be spending as much time away from my desk as possible.

With that being said, I'll see you next week! 

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