Monday, March 22, 2021

Our Staycation Was Incredible. For So Many Reasons. All The Way Around.


Lisa's staycation is over and it was back to our regularly scheduled program today. The Monday after Lisa's staycation is always the hardest. Getting back into our daily routine. The kids realizing that Mommy is leaving for work and not just for a quick errand.

We had an incredible week all the way around. 

Lots of indoor and outdoor play and snuggle and family time with our kids. 

Lots of time spent outdoors raking and prepping our yards for Spring blooms and planning out the landscaping we're going to be tackling this year.

Time spent with a dear friend of ours who will be leaving us soon because she sold her house and will be moving out of state. Over 12 hours away.

More on that later.

Getting to know our neighbor friends just a little bit more.

Embracing the fine art of forgiveness.

And, much more.

But, more so...

At the end of the week, I experienced a level of clarity that I haven't experienced in a long time. 

It's too much to explain in a single blog column. 

So, this week, bit by bit, I'll be sharing that with you. 

Stay tuned...

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