Monday, September 18, 2023

Everything Will Never Get Done


Lisa's work schedule is the first shift. Tuesday through Saturday. She gets out early enough to tackle a few things when she gets home. And, because she's not working a bazillion hours a week, second shift, at a beyond-stressful job, Lisa is able to enjoy her 2 days off. 

In addition to getting things done around the house that she wants to, and feeling accomplished, Lisa has plenty of time to unwind and enjoy family time. 

It has been incredible.


There has been one thing that Lisa has experienced time and time again this year. Something that I have both struggled and made peace with over the years. 

Everything. Will. Never. Get. Done. 

On my end, I make a handwritten list every single day of things that I want and need to get done. As a Work at Home Dog Mom, my daily routine requires considerable wiggle room. 

There are tasks that absolutely need to be done like meal prep, making meals and snacks for us and our kids, housework, deadlines, etc. Those are not negotiable. 

The rest of my list is things I need and want to do. But. They don't necessarily have to get done right then and there. Our health and survival don't depend on the completion of these tasks. The sky won't crack, crumble, and fall if I don't cross them off my list. 

For example, some of these tasks include organizing our linen closet and pantry, dusting, updating our hallway chalkboard, cleaning out email folders, etc.

Lisa's schedule changed to working the second shift in 2021. It was a big adjustment for us and our kids. We made it work. Our priority was getting our kids through the change. Lisa spent lots of time with our kids before and after her shift and on the weekends. 

I was hyper-sensitive to our kids acclimating to the change when Lisa was at work. There were countless times when I immediately stopped what I was doing so I could be there for them. Lots of snuggles, belly rubs, chats, extra treats, playtime, fetch, etc...

This is when I began prioritizing my daily handwritten list. What needed to be done versus what could wait. The struggle quickly shifted from the stress of wanting to get everything done to making peace with everything not getting done. 

If our porch did not get swept on Monday when I was determined to sweep it, that was okay. What mattered most to me was making sure Lisa and our kids were cared for, from scrumptious meals and snacks to all the comforts. 

Our sweet Sophie began showing signs of Canine Dementia last October. That was not easy. We made her an appointment with the doctor on my birthday. That is when it was confirmed. She was put on a medication. And then, another. 

This was another point when I had to struggle with what had to be done versus what did not need to be done. 

More of this will make sense in time. 


For now, just know that everything will never get done. 


That. Is. Okay. 

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