Friday, January 15, 2021

An Update On What's Happening In The Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop


Last year, we did not make a single DIY Dog Mom Project item to sell. That had almost everything to do with COVID-19. The rest of it had to do with making an offer on a house, the sellers accepting, and having to pack the home we lived in for almost 8 years. 

A month after we bought our house, the COVID-19 pandemic hit our state. Hard. A month later, even harder. Instead of buying materials to make garden signs and birdhouses to sell, we were witnessing and amid something that was making history. Something we never thought we would experience in a million years. 

Lisa is an essential employee. 

I focused my time on making face mask bands for her place of employment and beyond

I utilized what we had to make a sign for the front of our house to thank essential employees.

In the months to follow, we gave makeovers to most of the rooms in our house.

As the holidays approached, we decided to spread lots of Holiday love and cheer instead of making items to sell.

Throughout that entire time frame, I learned something...

It's okay to put the same time and effort into making beautiful pieces for our home.

The spark that ignited that flame happened back in April when we tore down wall shelves in our bedroom and repurposed that wood into making birdhouses and a squirrel picnic table for our yards

Over this past week, I took the time to fully observe the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop and huge closet.

Lisa painted the walls a gorgeous shade of Caramel back in March.

I need to paint the trim, closet doors, and the door that leads to our screened-in back porch.

That's not all...

Over the past months, we have gathered a lot of pieces that need a makeover for our house.

In the past, I always put these pieces on the back burner because we had orders and custom order requests. 

Right now, we do, but we kind of don't. 

In recent conversations, and because of the rising COVID-19 and with everything going on in the world, we decided to focus on getting projects done. 

For our house. 

Our home. 


More dog beds for our kids.

Updating their Nappy Nook.

Finishing the makeover in our bathroom.

Customizing pieces for our house.

We are happy and content with that decision. 


Not everything we give a makeover to or make needs to be sold.

More often than not, we want these pieces for us.


We plan on shifting a bit in the late Spring. 

Stay tuned...

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