Saturday, January 16, 2021

This Applies To Our Life With A Few Alterations


A friend of mine posted this on one of her social media streams yesterday. I very seldom read lengthy posts like this. But. I was sucked in after the first couple of sentences. I'm not going to lie. I read it 3 times. I thought about it. Over and over again. 

If I had to apply it to our life, especially over the past couple of years, I would make a few alterations.

It would read a lil' something like this...

In my lifetime, I have learned that even if I react, it won't change anything. 

It won't make people love and respect me. 

It won't magically change their minds.

It won't inspire them to take a few steps back and embrace the process of "on the outside looking in."

It won't inspire them to take their rose colored glasses off.

It is better to just let things be. 

Let people go.

Distance yourself. 

Close those chapters.

Without chasing for explanations and answers.

Don't expect them, or others, to understand where you are coming from.

Life is better lived when you do what is best for you and your family. 

And, speak up and out and set boundaries.

When you focus on peace and the well being of you and your family, great things happen. 

Sure, you'll see the true colors of those who used to call you friends and family. 

Your tribe will be smaller at the end of the day.

But, that's okay.

That is when you start living your best life.




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