Thursday, January 14, 2021

Our Kids Never Fail To Impress Us. Every. Single. Day.


When Lisa got a promotion at work last year, her hours changed a bit. We also knew that she would be responsible for covering other various shifts. Most having notice. Sporadically, some, not so much. However, Lisa has been in management for most of her life. I've been in management too. We both know what it's like. 

In management, anything can happen and you have to just...roll with it. 

Last week, Lisa was asked if she could cover a shift different than her own for a month or so. She mentioned it to me. My immediate response was, "We'll make it work."

It certainly hasn't been easy the past few days because our bodies are not used to this schedule, but we are working out the kinks.

Our biggest concern was our kids. They are creatures of habit and routine. We worried that they would be stressed out or distraught. 


They seem to have adapted to the "roll with it" attitude.

Our kids have shown no signs of distress because their daily routines being altered a bit.

We expected the worst.

But, they are happy and going about their day and night as if nothing is off kilter.

They adjusted immediately.

A lot quicker than Lisa and I have.

We attribute most of that to how quiet and peaceful it is at the house we bought last February. 

The only noise I can hear right now is the dining room clock ticking and Sophie snoring.

Our kids are sleeping soundly.

On the other hand, I'm writing this blog column and it's taking every ounce of my willpower to refrain from making another cup of coffee.

I would love to be on the sofa right now. 

Reading a book.


Coco is laying on my comfy sofa spot.

Refer to the first photo...

I need to work on more blog columns and I have a ton of projects I want to get done in my DIY Dog Mom Workshop.

I have enough to keep me busy. 

Without disturbing our kids.

They will come to life when they hear Lisa pull into our driveway. 

They will awaken from their slumber.


Rush to the entryway gate when Lisa opens the door.

Bark loud.

That's okay. 

This is our house.

Our family. 

We take life day by day. 

Because today is all you have.

Make it great.

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