Thursday, December 3, 2020

We Will Be Enjoying Another Staycation Next Week


When Lisa got a promotion back in July, we knew our daily life would change. Her hours changed. And, she would have to cover other people's vacations and days off. Or work lengthy hours if someone called out. But, she worked hard for this promotion. Before applying for the promotion, I told Lisa, "We will take it day by day."

And, we have.

Today, Lisa had to cover the second shift. 

Our kids did okay until around 9 p.m. 

They know that Lisa should be home by now. 

But, she wasn't home. 

I am sensitive to them adjusting to these fluctuations. 

Sophie decided she wanted to be bundled up in a few plush throw blankets after dinner.

Coco and Willa were covered up in their favorite throw blankets on our bed. 

Lobo was snuggled and sound in the home office bed with lots of plush blankets.


All was good. 


At the end of the day tomorrow, Lisa will officially be on a week-long staycation. She always takes my birthday week off. But, it's not because it's my birthday. It's usually our busiest time of the year.

For the first time in years, this December staycation will be different. 

We are not selling our Bodacious 2020 Holiday ornaments or pieces or packages

Instead, we are gifting them to the many who need a little Holiday love and cheer this year

We are also going to paint the last 2 rooms in our home that need painting. 

The kitchen. 

The bathroom. 

Our life has changed almost completely since we bought our house in February of this year and, more so, when Lisa got her promotion. 

But that's okay.

We are grateful and humbled.

We've got this...

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