Saturday, December 5, 2020

It's Going To Be A Busy Staycation This Coming Week


A couple of months ago, Lisa asked what I wanted to do for my birthday week and what I wanted for my birthday dinner. In the years prior, we always did something special on my birthday. A few people in our tribe would do something special for me. Sometimes we'd have our holiday party for our friends and those we considered family. And, of course, it was our busiest time of year. 

A few things have changed since we bought our house in February...

We're amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our tribe has gotten much smaller.

We made the decision to gift our Bodacious 2020 Holiday ornaments and pieces to essential employees, friends, and beyond instead of selling them.

Aside from essential errands, we're staying put.

I knew my birthday week would be different for so many reasons. 

Not all of those reasons can be blamed on COVID-19.


My answer was simple.

I wanted Lisa to have the week off.

I wanted to give our kitchen a makeover.

I wanted tacos for dinner and turnovers for dessert.

I wanted to have all of our Bodacious 2020 Holiday ornaments done.

Lisa nodded and said, "Okay..."

As of early evening yesterday, Lisa is officially on staycation.

We plan on starting the kitchen on Monday.

Lisa is going to take down all of the cupboard doors and bring them downstairs to her workshop to prime and paint them. That's going to take a couple of days. While she is doing that, I'll be working on over 70 Bodacious 2020 Holiday ornaments in my Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop.

I won't be publishing a post every day, however, I'll be touching base. 

Lots of exciting stuff happening this week. It's going to be a lot of work, but we're looking forward to it all. It will be worth every minute.

Stay tuned...

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