Thursday, December 31, 2020

I'm Priming Our Bathroom Walls. On New Year's Eve. And, That Is Kind Of Great.

The month of December is usually a reflective time for me. During my numerous bouts of reflection, I focus on all that has happened throughout the year. Accomplishments. Goals that I have reached. Goals I didn't exactly meet. Moments when the Universe did her little shimmy shakes or shifted. My plans for the new year. Our plans for the new year. This December I went through the same thing, but it was a lot different.

Because the year 2020 was different and full of surprises. And, nothing went as planned, but for the most part, that was a good thing.

For so many reasons.

I'm not going to recap the entire year of 2020. If you're in the least bit interested in all of the good stuff, the punches, the new perspectives, the surprises, etc., skim through the blog posts published this year.

I promise it's worth it and what I'm going to say next will make much more sense.

It's New Year's Eve.

Lisa is working.

A few days ago, I did a thing.

We have one last room to paint.

Our bathroom.

Back in September when we began our Big Bodacious Painting Project, we had plans to paint our dining room, home office, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, and entryway.

In addition, I wanted to paint the trim and closet doors in my Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop. Lisa painted the walls back in March.

We decided that we would not paint both of our living rooms and the bathroom.

For now.

Since then, we have painted the dining room, home office, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, and entryway. At some point during that time, the topic of our bathroom came up in discussion.

Many times.

We have a large bathroom. 

New hardwood floors that are various shades of gray. 

Older vanity sink.

A clunky 3-mirror medicine chest.

The walls and the trim are painted a pastel gray that does not go with the floor.

I've always referred to our bathroom as "industrial." As in, it looks like a decent warehouse employee bathroom.

Even after we decorated the bathroom, it still had that "industrial" feel to it. 

I brought this up in a conversation back in September. Lisa agreed. 

In October when we went to Home Depot and purchased all of the paint and supplies for our entire Big Bodacious Painting Project, we fell in love with a shade of color for our bathroom walls and trim along with the color to give the vanity a makeover.

When Lisa took a week-long staycation during the week of my birthday, we got the kitchen done. That was a big project. 

Like with every room that we gave a makeover to, we were head over heels in love.

Then, Christmas rolled in and we were focused on spreading Christmas Love and Cheer. Between that and our simple Christmas at home with our kids, it was wonderful.

By the end of last weekend, we had all of the outdoor and indoor Christmas decorations taken down. Our home was back to "normal."

When Lisa went back to work on Monday, I struggled with coming up with goals for the new year because of what happened this time last year.

We had no idea, this time last year, that the following week we would be approved for a loan to buy a house. 

We had no idea that on January 12th of this year that we would take a tour of this house. Fall in love. Make an offer in the morning. And, the sellers accepting our offer that evening.

We had no idea that from January 12th until our closing date of February 19th, that we would be packing and stressing out because buying a house, well...  

During that time frame, my original goal was to start making my dolls again. 

And making plans with Lisa on new Spring pieces and Summer pieces to sell. 



I was packing the place we called home for almost 8 years.

To commemorate that, I made a decision. 

Instead of spending a few hours composing and publishing a blog column about goals and focus and perspective, I was going to physically do something that symbolized this year and the plans for the new year.



Personalizing our space because this house is ours

This happened a few days ago.

I took everything out of our bathroom. Taped. Began the process of priming. And flirting with the idea of taking the big, ugly, and bulky medicine cabinet down.

Lisa had no idea I was doing this.

I know she's exhausted. She thought the kitchen was "the last room."


Going into the new year, I am going to give our bathroom a makeover.

I know Lisa will help, especially with the medicine cabinet, but she is exhausted.

What this all translates to is...

I'm not heading into the new year with hardcore goals. I can attribute most of that to COVID-19. I know what I want to do and what direction I want to go in, however, most of that isn't going to happen until COVID-19 simmers down.

I'm also not going to adhere to deadlines. 

I'm focused on a few DIY Dog Mom Projects for our home.

Not to sell or gift.

For us and our kids.

I'm heading into the new year with this attitude.

A crazy commitment to eating any and all of my meals with chopsticks.

Getting the last unplanned room painted.

Outdoor projects planned for the early Spring because we did minimal work on all of our yards to see how everything cycled and panned out.

On a more personal level, most of our old tribe...


Your new life is going to cost you your old one

On the flip side, we have been blessed with wonderful neighbors who are kind and generous and have big hearts.

Yeah, life has changed on many levels and all for different reasons.

But, what I can say for certain, as a family, we are living our best life. I wouldn't change a thing except to erase this shitty pandemic. 

I raise my glass to all of you.

Happy New Year!

Embrace each day and make the most of it. 

Be kind.

Take life day by day because today is all you have.

Do your best to make 2021 a super great year. 

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