Tuesday, December 22, 2020

A Lot Happened When I Hung Our Newest Handmade Ornament


We absolutely adore handmade gifts whether it's an ornament, gift baskets, decor, baked goods, jams, relish, etc. This evening, we got to hang the newest handmade ornament on our Christmas tree. We absolutely adore it. 

I took a little time earlier and sat on the sofa marveling at our Christmas tree. Most of our tree is decorated with handmade ornaments. 

It's gorgeous.

That's when it hit.

So many things are different this year. 

Some because of COVID.

Some not because of COVID.

I realized I haven't written my annual post about the changes I and we are going to make next year or the goals I'd like to reach.

At this time last year, I was almost ready to start making my handcrafted dolls again

I had a bunch of other goals that I was honed in on reaching. 

And, there was an assortment of things that we wanted to focus on more, alter, and no longer give a shit about or put up with in 2020. When I published that particular blog column, I had no idea that less than 2 weeks later, we would tour a house, make an offer, and have the sellers accept our offer. All in a single day.

This time last year, Lisa and I had a lot of conversations

It was also a time of clarity for both of us

But still...

We had no idea that our life was going to change drastically in less than 2 weeks.

The Universe had done quite a few shimmy shakes throughout the year of 2019, especially the last 6 months. 

Right around this time last year, she shifted. 

Big time.

Instead of starting the process of making handmade dolls, we were collecting moving boxes and I spent my days packing up a home we had lived in for almost 8 years.

This year, after I hung the handmade ornament that was gifted to us, I realized a few things...

The Universal shift toward the end of 2019 was exactly what we needed.

The 5 weeks of packing and stress between January 12th and February 19th  was totally worth it.

The time between February 22nd and now displayed the true colors of those (most) who had us convinced that we were "friends who had become family." We've had to deal with realizing that wasn't the case on many levels. Those close relationships were just a facade based on what we did. The more we did, the more we were "loved."

It's okay to not have concrete goals for 2021 because of COVID.

It's okay to focus on Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Projects for our house. Our home. Not everything made or created has to be sold or gifted.

Trust me, I have a lengthy list of projects that I'll be working on after the Holiday season.

I need to close a lot of chapters so I can focus on the here and now.

I still need to let go of that lingering fear of writing in my voice. 

There is more...

For now, I'm going to exhale. 




Count our blessings.

And enjoy our first Christmas in the house we bought in February.

And spread more Holiday Love and Cheer.

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