Sunday, December 29, 2019

Cleaning, Conversations, And A Good Ol' Mental And Emotional Cleanse

The weekend before New Year's Day, Lisa and I have a tradition. We deep clean our entire home. Remove clutter. Organize. Take down the indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. It's kind of like Spring cleaning. That's what we did this weekend. We had a fantastic time.

You wouldn't think that cleaning and organizing would be categorized as fantastic. However, doing it together and the dozens of conversations we have while we do it is what makes it fantastic.

In a lot of ways, the conversations we have are like a good mental and emotional cleanse.

We talk about the entire year.

The good stuff that happened.

The not so good stuff that we had to deal with.

People who were in our lives at the beginning of the year.

The people no longer in our lives for this reason or that.

The chaos.

The hurt and disgust we feel after being thrown under the bus by a couple of people who we considered family.


A few new adventures that I'll be embarking on after the first of the year.

Funny stuff that we remember over the years.

Where we were at the beginning of the decade and where we are now.

These conversations are not filtered.

We vent and rant and get it all out.

That's what happened over the weekend.

Over dinner this evening, we both exhaled.

Not only did we get our home cleaned and organized, we cleansed our minds and emptied those mental boxes.

Our home feels lighter and so do we.

Face forward.

Onward march.

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