Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Holiday Season Will Be Different This Year, But...


Earlier today, a friend from our old neighborhood reached out for a recipe for my homemade corn chowder. At the time, I only made corn chowder once a year. For Halloween. In a gigantic white soup pot. I called it "the cauldron of corn chowder." I replied with the recipe. 

It brought back a whirlwind of memories.

We lived in our old home for almost 8 years. During that time, we hosted a lot of gatherings at our home to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, etc. 

We made a lot of sweet memories. 

In February, we bought a house.

Positive and much-embraced changes. 

It began a year of "firsts" for us.

Today, I thought a lot about some of the Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings that we've had in our home over the years. 

For friends who have become family. 

For those who had no place to go for the holidays.

This year, it's going to be much different because of COVID-19.

During the Summer months, our state of Connecticut was at the top of the list for declining cases and such. The governor allowed for phase 3 (out of 4 phases) of our state reopening.

Unfortunately, in September, that changed.

The numbers are rising. Various towns, including ours, are in the red zone. 

Most of the states are in the red zone too.

We are close to almost 80,000 confirmed cases. 

As of yesterday at midnight, our governor put us back at phase 2 with a suggested curfew.

And, he imposed another executive order that indoor events could not have more than 10 people. 

Even though we can't do what we have normally done over the years because of the executive orders, we can still spread holiday cheer and love. 


And, we will.

To our neighbors.

Our friends.



We'll be creative.

As we always are.


Safety first.

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