Tuesday, August 18, 2020

We Are Beyond Grateful


I honestly have to back up a bit and with sincere apologies. When Lisa was on staycation last week, I completely forgot about posting this last Tuesday. We were consumed with providing meals and picnic lunches for local friends and Lisa's coworkers who did not have power because of tropical storm Isaias, building our Bodacious DIY entertainment center, and starting our Bodacious dragonfly project. Something really special happened last Thursday. The day after Lisa's birthday.

We were busting ass to get our Bodacious DIY entertainment center painted and built and finished last Thursday. At some point during the late afternoon hour, Lisa went out front to check the mail. I was sitting at our dining room table working on a blog column. 

Lisa put a big rectangular box on the table. 

"Did you order something from Amazon?"

I thought long and hard.

The last thing I had ordered was Lisa's birthday gifts from the kids and me.


We both examined the box. From Amazon. Addressed to Lisa.

We were baffled.

Lisa opened it. 

There was a gift message inside. 

I wish I would have taken a video of Lisa's expression when she read the gift message and opened the box. It was priceless.

Lisa was speechless.

So was I. 

That does not happen often. 

To add to this moment, we want to extend a huge amount of gratitude to the family who gifted us these adorable dog-inspired face masks. And, to the decorative pillow that looks like Lobo (not shown).

And, to the wonderful family who gifted us a bottle of wine the Sunday we opened our home to those who still did not have power. For meals and desserts and lots of goodies to take home. 

And, to those who showed up to gather picnic meals and hot foods with bags of fresh garden produce in hand. 

We are so touched and grateful and beyond words. 

When we extend our efforts to those in need, we do not expect anything in return. 


When we are gifted items, we are truly grateful. 

And, we enjoy everything. 


Thank you.

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