Sunday, August 9, 2020

We Made A Feast And Fed A Lot Of People Today


Early last week, our area of the state took a beating from tropical storm Isaias leaving over half of Connecticut without power. Two days later, hundreds of thousands of people were still without power. A lot of our local friends and people where Lisa works were still waiting for their power to be restored. We wanted to do something. On Thursday, I cooked and baked up a storm and we fed a lot of people. Today, we did the same thing.

I posted this on my Facebook wall yesterday...

"Tomorrow (Sunday, August 9th) between the hours of 5-8 p.m. we are opening our home to Lisa's work peeps and local friends who still don't have power or who have just recently gotten their power restored. 

We will have homemade pizzas, veggies and dip, homemade cookies, fresh-made cheesecake, fresh fruit, water, sandwiches, and more available for you to enjoy here or grab and go. 

If interested, please PM me. You are more than welcomed here for delicious food and good cheer."

We had quite a few people respond between the time I posted and throughout this afternoon. 

We got up early this morning and our Bodacious kitchen was in full swing. When our local deli opened, Lisa picked up fresh deli meats and cheeses. She also picked up ice, soda, and bottled water. I baked a double batch of homemade sandwich rolls and made 3 large pizza crusts. 

A few people stopped by during the early afternoon hours to pick up fresh picnic lunches that included sandwiches, cookies, and watermelon. 

People started arriving around 5. Over a dozen people showed up for dinner. Everyone ate with gusto and enjoyed the cool air. 

Before everyone left, we sent people home with food for the next day. Some people had power restored, but they were waiting for their fridge/freezer to run for 24 hours before restocking. We gave them meals that could be heated up. For those who did not have power and were relying on coolers, we made and packed them sandwiches, cookies, and fruit. 

After everyone left, I posted this on my Facebook wall...

"We had a full house tonight for delicious homemade food and good cheer for those who are still without power! It was one of the most incredible evenings ever. Phenomenal humans, old and young. Sharing food, stories, laughs, love stories, and relaxing. Sending food home to all. Our hearts are filled. Memories made. Happy bellies. And, human baby giggles."

Lisa and I will continue to make meals and picnic dinners over the next couple of days until their power is restored.

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