Sunday, August 16, 2020

Our Bodacious DIY Entertainment Center Is Done And We Are Loving It


We started the process of building and painting our Bodacious DIY entertainment center on Wednesday It took a total of 3 days to finish. It wasn't easy, but we did it. We couldn't be any happier about the finished project. 

Lisa cut and sanded all of the wood on Wednesday. She used tongue and groove planks for the front, sides, back, and the top. For the frame, she used two-by-fours. 

As she cut and sanded the tongue and groove planks, she brought them upstairs for me to paint. Lisa took care of painting the frame in her woodshop.

On Thursday, I finished painting. Lisa put the final touches on the frame. We let everything dry on the overnight. Over dinner, we contemplated whether to carry the frame out the sliding glass doors in the basement and around to our side door or to bring it up the basement stairs.

Early on, Lisa suggested building the frame in the basement, bringing it upstairs, and building the rest of it upstairs. It was a brilliant suggestion because the frame was super heavy. Lifting the finished product would have taken 3 people. 

We decided to bite the bullet and carry it up the basement stairs. Surprisingly, it went smoothly. Yes, it was heavy, but transporting it was a breeze. We took our time and took a couple of breaks.

Lisa spent all of Friday putting it together. We had other things to do throughout the day so it wasn't something we worked on continuously from start to finish. 

Plus, Lisa got her lumberjack on during the hottest portion of the afternoon. 

After resuming the construction of our Bodacious DIY entertainment center, I made curtains for the nappy nook portion. 

Lisa ran a few errands Saturday morning after breakfast while I prepped dinner and baked. After lunch, Lisa closely examined every inch for needed paint touchups. She ended up giving the entire outer portion a second coat of paint. We allowed it to dry overnight. 

Today was the big day! 

Lisa hauled away our old entertainment center and installed the hardware for the curtain rod. 

We carried the entertainment center to its permanent place in our living room. 

I hung the curtain and put a couple of cushions and blankets and pillows inside for the kid's nappy nook. Lisa took care of putting the TV on top and reconnecting the electronics. 

I will be making a custom mattress and matching quilts and pillows sometime in the near future. 

Honestly, the picture does not do it justice. 

In the photo, the curtain looks purplish and splotchy. The fabric is actually a gorgeous muted primitive blue with tiny animal print. 

The lighting in our living room can be a little funky at times.

To say that we love our Bodacious DIY entertainment center would be an understatement. After all was said and done, we sat on the sofa and admired it for a bit. We gave each other a high five. 

I am super proud of us. 

We had a vision of what we wanted and we sketched it out and made changes and finalized everything before building. We made it happen.

It's huge! 

The nappy nook is spacious enough for all 4 of our kids to stretch out at the same time. It's even big enough for Lisa or myself to stretch out comfortably.


This one goes in the books as a total proud Dog Mom moment.

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