Tuesday, May 26, 2020

We Are Grateful For Moments Like This

In October of 2019, we purchased a new 2020 vehicle. At the time, we had no idea that 4 months later, we'd be buying a house. And, the purchase of our new vehicle was before that week in November when the last of the puzzle pieces were fit together. We realized nothing was going to change and why it wasn't going to change. 

The vehicle we traded in was a sporty Minivan we bought in September of 2015. At the time, we needed something spacious that could haul Bodacious Biscuit Love displays for events. 

When we traded in that vehicle in October, we didn't have the need for much vehicle space.

Then, we bought a house.

That changed.

Although our new vehicle is an SUV, it's a smaller model and not equipped to transport large quantities of wood or larger pieces we find at yard sales to refurbish.

Just recently, Lisa has a project in mind that she wants to build. It requires lots of big pieces of wood from Lowe's. 

Lisa talked about her project to a coworker. This particular coworker is someone who has been on the receiving end of my homemade cookies and other baked goods. 

He immediately volunteered to grab the wood at Lowe's and deliver it to our house.

That happened this past weekend. 

After delivering the wood, Lisa gave him the tour of our house both outdoors and indoors. 
He was very knowledgable about the plants and flowers growing in our many flower gardens. 

When Lisa introduced me to him, he presented me with some of my favorite wine. He was a total gentleman. 

After the tour, the three of us sat at our dining room table. Sipping a glass of wine. Exchanging stories about yard sale finds and restoring those treasures.

He adored our kids. They adored him.

And, he left with a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

We are grateful for moments like this. 


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