Friday, October 11, 2019

We Bid Farewell To Our Old Vehicle Today. It Was Time.

I didn't want to mention anything until today when everything was finalized, the papers were signed, and the keys were in Lisa's hands. Today, this happened. After shopping around for many months and finding a great deal within our budget, we bought a brand new 2020 car.

We bought our previous vehicle from the same dealership back in 2015. Used. It was a great 2013 vehicle. At the time, Bodacious Biscuit Love was in full swing and we were doing a lot of events. The vehicle was roomy and we never had a problem fitting everything in for events.

As the years went on, we discontinued Bodacious Biscuit Love and we no longer participate in events. The vehicle continued to run great, but it wasn't the best vehicle during the winter months.

During a snowstorm earlier this year, Lisa got stuck after pulling out of our driveway. They hadn't plowed the roads yet.

Since then, things started to go downhill with our vehicle.

We needed to have some work done in May that was not cheap.

During the Summer, one of the tires blew out so we had to get new tires.

Over the past month, Lisa began noticing more issues including the engine sounding louder and louder. She had it looked at. The work that needed to be done would have cost close to $1,000.

At that point, we took shopping around for a new vehicle seriously.

Lisa visited the dealership during their Columbus Day Sale with a list of criteria and our budget.

At the top of the list was a vehicle that was safe and reliable during the winter months.

They set us up with a new 2020 vehicle.

We're excited.

It was definitely a proud moment.

We were sad to bid farewell to our last vehicle, but it was time.

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