Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Lobo Could Be The Next Model For Nike Hats

Over the weekend, Lisa mowed all of our lawns. There is a lot to mow. We have a front lawn, side lawns, and 2 fenced in backyards. It takes a while. Midway through mowing, usually around 1-ish, I make Lisa lunch. A sandwich. Chips. Fresh fruit. While Lisa is eating, Lobo perches himself on my leg. It is a tradition of sorts that began a couple of years ago.

Lobo knows Lisa is eating a sandwich. 

He loves to be on the table when Lisa is eating a sandwich. 

He perches himself on my leg. 

I pick him up. 

Put him on the table. 

If the sandwich I made for Lisa is pup friendly, she will hold the sandwich out for Lobo to take a bite.

If the sandwich is not pup friendly, she will give him a nibble of the homemade sandwich roll. 

Coco, Sophie, and Willa get nibbles too because they're at our feet.

This past weekend, while Lisa ate her sandwich and shared, she put her lawn mowing hat on Lobo. 

We both agreed that he would be well qualified for the next Nike Hate Model.

Total. Cuteness. Overload.

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