Friday, May 15, 2020

10 Blessings And Beyond...

I took this photo 4 days after we signed on our new house. It was a Sunday. The day after we officially moved out of our old home. All of the kids were snuggled on the sofa with Lisa. Before finding her comfy napping spot, Willa, our most animated child, got on Lisa's lap and gave her an extra hug. I captured that moment. This photo speaks a thousand words for so many reasons. 

It speaks of the relief that all of our kids felt the day after we moved.

Shortly after we moved into our new house, the COVID-19 pandemic blew up. Spread like wildfire. Schools closed. Businesses closed. Grocery store shelves emptied. It was total pandemonium for a while. 

Life changed.

Not just for us, but all of us.

Lisa was deemed an essential employee.

Our parents sent us toilet paper and yeast packets and we got excited about that.

A friend of ours went to several stores to find and buy flour for us.

I spent a couple of weeks crocheting almost 200 mask bands for the people Lisa works with and beyond. I was able to do that because a beautiful friend of ours donated buttons when I ran out.

Instead of making our usual Spring DIY projects in the woodshop and workshop to sell, we have focused on repurposing wood and rocks to create Folk Art rocks to decorate the outside of our home.


Amid the chaos and conundrum, we are staying focused and humble and continuing to spread love and kindness.

We are also counting our blessings each and every single day...

1. Our house. Our home. Yeah.

2. The tranquility. It's so peaceful here. We noticed the difference immediately. So did our kids. We're able to open our shades and windows and eat dinner and have family snuggle time, etc., with no interruptions.

3. No harassment. We are not being verbally assaulted or harassed by an undisciplined young adult day after day after day.

4. Wonderful neighbors. Our neighbors are friendly and kind and they have welcomed us into the neighborhood with open arms.

5. Lots of creative space. Whether it's Lisa's huge woodshop, my spacious Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop, or the many flourishing yards we have, we're keeping busy and having so much fun doing it.

6. Friends and family. Whether it's receiving toilet paper and yeast and someone stocking us up with flour and buttons or kind neighbors who move deliveries to our side door, we are grateful.

7. The new home office. In addition to furnishing and decorating our home office, we've equipped it with updated technology. I'm able to do all of my work efficiently. And, I no longer have to revolve my work schedule around unnecessary noise and harassment (refer to number 3).

8. Our kid's health and happiness. What a difference! It's like night and day. Also, this can be attributed to numbers 2 and 3.

9. Fresh perspective. The COVID-19 pandemic is something Lisa and I have never experienced in our lifetime. But, we have adapted. We have our elders to thank for that. They taught us well. We listened. We learned. We have the utmost respect for them.

10. New adventures. Each. And. Every. Single. Day.

The list goes on...

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