Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Time Spent On Our Back Porch Is Always An Adventure

At our old home, we always had a Buffet O' Bird Feeders on the front lawn. We enjoyed watching the many species of birds especially early in the morning or when the sun was setting. Within a week after moving into the house we bought in February, we put our Buffet O' Bird Feeders out in the big backyard. It didn't take long for the birds to enjoy the wide selection of seed and nuts and suet. 

We have 2 backyards. One is very large. The other is small. Both are fenced in. The small backyard is our kid's playground. It's plenty big enough for them to run around and play fetch or to bask in the sun. We don't let them in the big backyard because there's a lot of hawks and eagles around here.

To them, our kids are considered snack size.

We have a lot of woodsy/brushy area outside of the fence in the big backyard. The neighbor to our right has several natural habitats in his backyard.

Over the past couple of months, the wildlife in our immediate area has made an appearance. It appears that our plans to use the big backyard for vegetable and fruit gardens will be a little more challenging than we had anticipated.

We have a few families of woodchucks and bunnies. Most people have suggested that we hire a licensed trapper to relocate them, but...

We don't want to and we're not going to.

Planting a ground garden is not going to be an option, however, we're okay with that. The wildlife has been here a lot longer than we have. Their homes are here.

We've chosen to coexist.

And, it's nice to save vegetable scraps to put out for them instead of throwing them away.

As you can see in the first photo, the woodchuck is enjoying the cabbage we put out the night before.

Yes, that includes coexisting with this gorgeous fox that has made an appearance a few times in our big backyard. We suspect she has a den in our neighbor's yard.

Don't panic. It's normal to see a fox during the day this time of year because they're foraging for food to feed their babies.

And our kids are NEVER outside alone.

Sitting on our screened-in back porch is always an adventure for us. We never know what we're going to see.

As far as the fruit and vegetable gardens go...

We'll figure that out later.

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