Monday, January 6, 2020

The Universe Is Shifting. Again.

Today is the first Monday of the new year. A new decade. Christmas is done and over with. New Year's Eve and Day have passed. There are no more paid holidays until Memorial Day. We are only a couple of weeks into the Winter season. My workload is blowing through the roof and the amount of sticky notes I have arranged on the kitchen table reflects that. However, something a little remarkable is happening.

I'm calm. My head is clear. I'm focused.

To back up a tiny bit, Lisa and I have a tradition that happens the weekend before New Year's Day. We go through every room. Clean. Remove clutter. Organize. Steam clean the carpets. It's very similar to Spring Cleaning.

That happened at the end of last year.

Because we do this every year, and we keep our home clean with daily housework and weekly deep cleaning, it didn't take that long.

But, we did save one closet for the following weekend.

Our apparel closet.

Unfortunately, this past weekend Lisa was not feeling well.

I sent Lisa to the sofa with the kids on both weekend days for some serious downtime.

I began tackling the closet yesterday.

I finished it today.

How did that all contribute to the tranquility and clear mind today?

In our apparel closet, we had a gray tote and a backpack amid a pile of shoes and some luggage.

The tote and backpack was pushed to the far end of the closet.

Inside of the gray tote were shoes and other miscellaneous items that I had forgotten we owned.

One of those items was a custom pair of shorts that someone had made for Lisa back in 2011. The person who made these custom shorts is no longer in our life. In fact, she is the reason why we moved to where we are living now back in 2012.

A bit ironic.

When I lifted the backpack out of the closet, it was heavy. I knew immediately that we had items in the backpack that we had stored there.

I took the backpack to our kitchen table and opened it.

I found our wedding scrapbook and additional scrapbook pages that we had purchased in 2012 and a few items that we had intended on putting into the scrapbook.

After our wedding in July of 2012, I could not find the scrapbook. I just assumed that we had accidentally left it behind during our move.

Between the contents of the tote and backpack, I realized that we had packed the backpack in 2012 and the tote in 2013, put it in our closet, and forgot about it.

All of the treasures I discovered were very symbolic.

Very. Very. Symbolic.

For so many reasons.

A much needed reminder from the Universe.

The Universe is shifting.

Had I not gone through what I did back in 2010, I would not have recognized this.

This is all good.


I am not going into detail just yet.

Stay tuned...

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