Sunday, October 6, 2019

We Had A Really Great Weekend

I did not publish a blog column yesterday. I wanted to combine the entire weekend into one blog column. Sometimes I feel shitty about doing that. But, other times. Not. So. Much. As of now, I am exhausted. Feeling accomplished. Feeling a bit frustrated. Wondering. Going back and forth. Doing the whole song and dance.

To back up a bit...

Yesterday we had a couple of our neighbor friends over to celebrate their wedding anniversary that was last month.

This is what we do for wedding anniversaries.

Make a scrumptious dinner. A gourmet dessert. Serve drinks.

A celebration of love.

It was a wonderful evening.

I made a themed dinner of sorts.

Chicken fajitas. Carnitas. All of the fixings. Mexican rice. Indian fry bread. Soft tortillas. My handcrafted Cuban Highballs (aka Mojitos).

For dessert, my fresh made apple crisp and my homemade cinnamon vanilla ice cream.

Our kids had a really great time too.


Lisa mowed the lawn and tended to other yard work.

Lisa put the final touches on the outdoor Fall decorations.

She wanted to put up all of the outdoor Halloween decorations, however...

There is a bad coastal storm heading our way. Most of this coming week will be rainy and very windy.

We held off.

Made plans to put up the Halloween decorations next weekend with the help of a neighbor friend.

Okay, so you're probably wondering why I'm feeling a Bit O' Work At Home Dog Mom turmoil brewing...

I can barely stand up straight. It took over 12 hours to prepare Saturday's dinner.

This is hard to understand for those who do not endure chronic pain on a daily basis.

We are fairly certain that plans to put up outdoor Halloween decorations next weekend will not involve assistance from those who volunteered to help out earlier today.

That's fine.

While enjoying leftovers tonight for dinner, Lisa and I talked about that.

A lot.

After we both vented, we had the attitude of "face forward, onward march."

We are going to get through our week.

Day. By. Day.

Then, next weekend, we'll do what we do.




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