Monday, October 7, 2019

The Case Of The Missing Candy Corn Hat

I slacked big time last October. I didn't dress our kids in Halloween costumes and take photos. I even failed to get a photo in the famous candy corn hat. This year, I made a vow to go through all of their Halloween costumes and have a festive and fun photo session. I managed to go through both Halloween and Christmas costumes, but there was one thing missing.

The candy corn hat.

I was a little frantic.

Lisa went through the entire closet.

The candy corn hat is still missing.

Lisa told me not to panic.

It's probably in one of the totes in the basement.

This coming weekend or next, we have plans on spending the afternoon in the basement to clean and organize our side.

That includes going through all of the totes.

If it's not in one of the totes, the case of the missing candy corn hat will be filed into the "I Put It Some Place Special So I Wouldn't Forget Where It Is, But I Forgot Where That Special Place Is" category.

That was the case with our address book. It was missing for about a year. Then recently, while putting the final touches on Fall cleaning and moving a few pieces of decor around, I found it.


It will show up.


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