Monday, April 2, 2018

In Our Dog Mom Life, Love Isn't About Fancy Dinners, Roses, Diamonds, Or Mushy Stuff

On Friday we spent most of our day baking for the Easter Bunny Event at the Groton, CT Pet Supplies Plus that took place on Saturday. Not only did we bake treats for the pups and humans, we spent a portion of that time making rounds in our neighborhood for pet photos with the Easter Bunny. Lisa suited up. I grabbed my camera. We made it happen. The following day, we spent most of the day at Pet Supplies Plus to assist with the main event fundraiser for Ledyard C.H.A.I.N.S's Raise The Roof Campaign. Between Friday and Saturday, the total amount raised was $370.

Yesterday was Easter. Lisa and I don't go all out for Easter. However, I made a scrumptious dinner and the kids enjoyed their Easter breakfast, extra homemade treats, and new chew bones from the Easter Bunny.

After delivering the pet photos to our neighbors, Lisa said she had to run a couple of errands. She wanted to gas up and pick up a few things we needed.

Um. Okay.

Little did I know, the main reason for "running errands" was to locate some Peeps. Once a year, during the Easter Candy season we indulge in 2 things. Cadbury Mini Eggs and Peeps.

We had already plowed our way through 2 bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs. However, because we had been so busy Friday and Saturday, the Peeps were overlooked.

Lisa knows how much I love Peeps. Every year, for Easter, regardless of what has been going on in my life, I eat Peeps during the Easter holiday.

When Lisa returned home from "running her errands" she presented me with 2 packages of Peeps. I 'bout near cried.

She knew how important this tradition is for me. Despite how tired she was, it didn't matter. Lisa made sure I had my Peeps.

At this point, I sat at my desk in our home office. Sat back in my chair. Reflected. Love isn't just a word, it's an action...

In our Bodacious Dog Mom Life, love isn't about fancy dinners, a dozen red roses, weekend getaways, or diamonds.

It may include, but is not limited to, the following...

1. Fixing the sofa cover. I hate fixing the sofa cover about as much as Lisa hates cleaning the bathroom. It doesn't matter how rushed she is in the morning. If the sofa cover needs to be fixed and the throw blankets need to be folded, she does it before leaving for work.

2. The damn vine plant in the living room. It grows. With each growth spurt, it requires more hooks in the wall to spread the growth. In order for me to reach it and adjust, I have to move the sofa to get between the sofa and wall. Lisa doesn't need to do that. She's taller than I am. She knows this. When it comes time to put in a new hook to adjust the plant Lisa just does it.

3. DIY Dog Mom Projects. Not only does Lisa cut, sand, and build DIY Dog Mom Projects for me to work my magic on, she also transports them to and from the biscuits craft room when needed.

4. Housework. I do my best every single day to have all of the housework done before Lisa gets home. This also applies to making dinner. Occasionally, when I have a busy day, I can't get to everything. When Lisa returns home from work, she jumps right in. If the dishes need to be washed, she does it. If I didn't get a chance to vacuum, she does that too. Not once does she complain or question why I wasn't able to get it done.

5. Work. Lisa is the hardest worker I know. This July will mark 16 years that she's been with her company. She's moved up the ladder and is now in management. She gets up early and sometimes gets home late. Very late. Despite exhaustion, being sick, getting slammed with Lyme Disease twice in one year, and having Mono last Summer, Lisa goes to work without complaining.

6. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. When Lisa gets up for work, whether it's 3 or 4 in the morning, I'm always up a half hour prior. I make her lunch. I cook a hot breakfast. There's a hot cup of coffee waiting for her to drink immediately and one in her travel mug for work. Then, when she gets home from work, I make dinner. There are plenty of leftovers for her to take for lunch the next day.

7. The extra, unexpected just because surprises. Love notes. Hershey Kisses in Lisa's lunch bag. A pint-sized orange juice hanging from the porch gate because I'm craving it. My favorite bottle of wine. Late night runs for Diet Ginger Ale. Homemade cookies. Lisa's favorite berry coffee cake for breakfast. French toast. Blueberry pancakes. Chocolate Mint Mentos. Chocolate Turnovers. Tools. A brand new pair of awesome sneakers. Crocs Flip Flops. The list goes on. And on...

8. Forgiveness. We're both humans. We get overwhelmed. Stressed. Exhausted. I still PMS. I'm in Pre-Meno. Sometimes we don't eat as often as we should or keep hydrated. Or, we don't vent as often as we should. We get cranky. Short. Impatient. We both say things we need to apologize for the day after. All is forgiven.

9. We don't meet each other halfway. We meet where we meet. If Lisa had a bad day and works late, I make sure everything is done so she can come home and relax. When my days are exceptionally crazy, Lisa jumps in to help when she gets home from work. Neither one of us complains about doing the extra stuff.

10. Just because gifts. Lisa and I don't exchange Christmas gifts with each other. Instead, throughout the year, we surprise the other with just because gifts. Last month, Lisa came home from running errands and surprised me with a bag of goodies from Bath & Body Works. A week ago, I bought Lisa a new pair of sneakers with a Memory Foam Footbed and CoolMax Memory Foam insoles. She's been wanting a pair of super comfortable sneakers.


  1. You both don't just give lip-service to the word 'love'. You show each other, every day, in a million different ways. You live that love you share, not only with each other, but with everyone you come in contact with. We all feel it, and I'm proud to be part of your circle of friends. Love to you both and your furbabies. <3

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Mickey! We are proud to have you in our circle of friends too! Hugs and love!