Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Little Late Night Retail Therapy

I used to be an avid online shopper. This began about 10 years ago when I started working for a deal site. My job was to post deals and sales along with the best of the best online coupons. This is what I did 'round the clock in addition to other work stuff in the area of social media, blogging and marketing. The amount of money I saved shopping online and using online coupons was incredible and brag-worthy.

Over the past four years or so, I've gravitated towards in-store shopping. Lisa and I don't get out much together and sometimes, running errands and shopping for apparel, household stuff and other miscellaneous items, is the only time we can escape. That's not to say I haven't shopped online. I have...just not as much.

This evening was an exception. I was reminded of why I love shopping online.

Lisa needed some new work apparel. She was accepted into the management program at work. Part of the program is dressing for the part. That means no more jeans and shorts. She's allowed to wear jeans once or twice a week. I forget. Bottom line, she needed dress pants and collared shirts. With access to affiliate channels and a handful of virtual coupons, I was ready for a late night retail therapy rendezvous.

After less than 2 hours of shopping at Kohl's (no, I'm not being paid to write this), her wardrobe was complete. As the months roll on, we'll add to it, but I had purchased enough to get her started. For only $110, I purchased 3 pairs of dress pants and 4 collared polo shirts. In addition, because she needed them, I grabbed 2 pairs of Champion shorts for the summer. All of that for a little over $100.

I used 3 coupons and shopped sale and clearance items. I 'bout near leaped from my chair when I saw the savings after I checked out. Ready for this?

You may want to sit down.

I saved a total of $207. That's right. Over $200! That's a lot of money. I was a proud girl. Lisa and I very rarely pay full price for anything. We're bargain shoppes. This was a huge score!

Thank you, Kohl's. 

My preference for buying online resurfaced. I was reminded of why I had converted almost a decade ago. While shopping in-store is an escape for me and a break from the virtual world, I need to reclaim my love for online shopping.

This means finding alternative activities for those times we're able to escape. 

I can do that.

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