Monday, August 22, 2016

There's One More Month Left Of The Summer Season

Exactly one month from today, the summer season will officially be done. Over the weekend, Lisa cleared, cleaned, and straightened out the porch. We had a bunch of tomato and pepper plants that were done for the season. Only a few remain. Some of our potted summer plants were tossed as well. We're hanging onto the Salvias, but they're looking rather shabby at this point. The hummingbirds have been very active throughout the day. I'm guessing it's almost time for them to head south for the winter.

In June, after realizing we had no events scheduled for the summer, I wrote a post about how this summer was going to be slow. And, that wasn't such a bad thing. After the past 2 summers being crazy with events, and last summer being completely insane, I was looking forward to actually enjoying the summer this year. I had a few things I wanted to do, some goals to reach, and I wanted to get this blog up and running.

Amid the post I published in June, I made a tentative list of stuff I wanted to do or accomplish. For the most part, I did okay. We've had lots more time with the kids. I've had extra time to do more for Lisa and the kids. I took time to simply be in the moment. We've visited a few yard sales here and there. I've baked bread when we weren't having heatwaves. I've made more homemade stuff.

In addition to the summer list, we've also spent a lot of time with one of our neighbor friends. At least a half dozen times, we've joined her in the pool. We've enjoyed drinks and meals cooked on the grill. There were a couple of spontaneous trips to the ice cream stand. Lisa went to a baseball game.

On the flip side, there are a few things still on the list that I'd like to do before the summer season ends.

We haven't walked the beach yet. We had plans to do that during Lisa's vacation, but we had a record breaking heatwave accompanied with severe storms and power outages.

I have yet to make Lisa a grilled pizza.

No S'mores as of yet. That was on our dessert menu the Saturday of Lisa's vacation, but the heat index was 110 and it was storming.

I need to start creating more homemade dog treat recipes and DIY Dog Mom Projects.

Yes, I'm still working on the mini platform bed for the kids. 

Overall, it's been a great summer. The weather hasn't cooperated with the few plans we made, but we've improvised.

There's one more month left of summer.

I'm going to ignore the fall and Halloween decor that's already on the shelves.

I'm not going to order Pumpkin Spiced coffee at Dunkin Donuts until September 22nd.

I'll continue to ignore the fall flowers already available to purchase.

I have one more month to enjoy the summer season.

One. More. Month.

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