Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sophie Was Smitten With The Cable Guy

Since the wind storm last week, our internet has been out of whack. It would go down for an hour or more then perk back up. While up, it took a long time for pages to load. This was a problem for me as 99% of my work is done online.

I had flashbacks to when dial-up was the only option for internet service.

Lisa took the short trip to Atlantic Broadband and exchanged out our modem. They thought that was the issue. Nope. That evening and into the following day, we experienced the same issues. Lisa called and set up a time for the tech guy to visit.

Today was the day.

From the moment he stepped foot in the door, Sophie wouldn't stay still. I wanted to snap a few photos to capture the moment because two remarkable things happened.

The photos came out crappy. I was at my desk. Sophie and the cable guy was at the furthest end of the living room. This was the best photo.

The first, Sophie was smitten with the cable guy. While she has always been friendly in nature and warmed up to most of the visitors who step foot in our home, we've never seen her this head over paws for anyone. She was up in his sauce! Glued to his side. Sat beside him when he was on the floor. Sniffed his ass repeatedly.

To which he replied, "If you're going to keep doing that, sweet girl, you should buy me a drink."

This brings us to remarkable thing number two. The cable guy enjoyed every second of Sophie's attention. He's a dog person. In fact, his fur-kid was in his work vehicle.

For the entire time he was here, we chatted about dogs, our biscuits and had a few laughs. Unfortunately, his pup is unable to have grain so we couldn't share biscuits with Ace.

Once he was done his work, he used our bathroom, heated up his lunch and allowed us to meet Ace. He's a big boy! Ace enjoyed the attention from us and I loaded him up with a baggy full of carrot sticks to of Ace's favorite snacks.

When Lisa and I returned back inside, Sophie was on the chair fixated on the door.

"Where's my cable guy, Mom?"

Of all the times I've had to deal with cable tech people, today was the most enjoyable by far.

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